For 30 years, Willowbridge has sought to distinguish itself through a multi-disciplinary approach to research and analysis, generating trade ideas, trade expression, and timing that differentiate it from the crowd. We believe finding undiscovered opportunities before they are generally apparent and applying a dynamic risk management framework can lead to uncorrelated performance and differentiated returns.

Integrated, Dynamic Risk Management

Risk Management and Trading work together within a risk framework to construct portfolios and dynamically adjust positions as market conditions change.

Extensive Investment Research

Embrace contrarian, non-consensus trade ideas based on extensive research and analysis. Identify pivot points in markets where implied and actual market risk may be mis-priced.

Experienced Tactical Trading

Willowbridge strives to tactically build portfolios to best capture optimal upside potential with directionally unbiased views and trading agility that adapts to rapidly changing markets.

Institutional Corporate Structure

Independent Risk Management.  24-hour trading desk.  In-house research, technology, compliance, accounting, and operations teams.